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What is a MacKenzie Friend? Anyone who is competent is entitled to represent themselves in court (they do not need to employ a solicitor or barrister) and if they choose to do this they are termed a Self Representing Litigant (SRL).

A SRL may be accompanied by someone to help them and this person is called a McKenzie Friend, named after the case which established the principles in 1970. This is not an automatic right, but a judge would only refuse to allow a LIP to have the help of a McKenzie Friend for a good reason.

Tom Matty


Why Should I call Tom Matty?

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When Representing Yourself


Representing yourself in court is not as daunting as it may sound, especially if you have the help of a McKenzie Friend to assist in preparing the case beforehand and to sit along-side you in court.

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Helping You Navigate through your Separation Process


why get a mckenzie friend?

Why should I call Tom?

Tom is Canada's first Professional McKenzie Friend and founder of the Canada Association of Mckenzie Friends.

For our direct clients Your Mckenzie Friend provides experienced knowledge, guidance, and resources to deal with family separation effectively and affordably.

This can involve mediation and counselling, working with lawyers, or self representation through the litigation process. We also help deal with various enforcement agencies on clients behalf for support payment issues.

Through the association we find, train, certify, and support talented individuals to become McKenzie Friends in their area. Through the association McKenzie Friends can find knowledge, group insurance, and access to donation fund accounts so they can help clients who are financially challenged.

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Dealing with Family Law issues? Talk to your local McKenzie Friend!

Want to help people deal with Family Law issues? Become a McKenzie Friend!

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How can mcKenzie Friends help me


  • Provide moral support for the Litigant
  • Take notes
  • Help with case papers
  • Quietly give suggestions on:


  • Points of law or procedure
  • Issues that the litigant may wish to raise in court
  • Questions the litigant may wish to ask witness
  • Documents
  • Review and help write down
  • Organize for litigiation


"Best decision ever!"

"My experience with Tom Matty has been the full meal deal. Right from the get go Tom has got me back on track with my divorce and child support proceedings. He is both knowledgeable and affordable. Furthermore he has become a true friend in my time of need. Highly recommended!"

- David, Edmonton

"Affordable Services!"

"I couldn't afford a lawyer and didn't know what to do. McKenzie Friend was there to help with the price that I could afford to help me through my situation.

- Joe, Edmonton

What Your McKenzie Friend Cannot Do

Your McKenzie Friend cannot give legal advice.

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